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Tramadol hydrochloride (and its trademarks Ryzolt, Conzip, Ultram, Ultracet, Zytram, Ralivia) is a synthetic analgetic of a central mode of action used to treat pain, leveled from moderate to moderately acute.

The use of Tramadol is in its essence similar to that of codeine, and from pharmacological point of view, Tramadol is alike to levorphanol, Darvon(Dextropropoxyphene), tapentadol (M1-like molecule), Effexor (venlafaxine). The latter also has equal SNRI effects. Tramadol: availability and usage

According to its classification, Tramadol is a central nervous system influencing drug traditionally marketed as tramadol hydrochloride(or, simply, the hydrochloride salt); very rarely as the tartrate, and practically never (at least in the US) the drug is amenable for both intravenous or intramuscular injection and oral intake.

As many other effective painkillers, Tramadol is often used as at least one of the ingredients of multi-agent painkiller creams, gels, various solutions for treating nerve pain, including rectal foam, retention enema, transdermal patches (or, in other words, skin plasters). The ways Tramadol is used are also quite alike to some of those of lidocaine.

When speaking about oral intake one cannot help mentioning Tramadol’s typical unpleasant taste, usually characterized as mildly bitter, especially in comparison with the tastes of codeine and morphine. Nevertheless, sublingual and oral forms of Tramadol are often provided with some additional flavoring.

Dosage and restrictions

The dosage of Tramadol varies depending on concrete manufacturer’s restrictions. In most of the cases, however, the maximum per-day dose accounts for 400 mg (oral administration) and 600 mg (parenteral use). In some cases, as it was mentioned, the daily dose is to be lowered due to peculiar agents used in certain drug same time with Tramadol.

The use of a drug has also several restrictions connected with numerous and varied specific interactions of Tramadol and TCAs, SSRIs (Prozac, etc.), MAOIs, SNRIs(Effexor,), strong opioids (fentanyl, methadone, morphine, oxycodone,) and specific influence of Tramadol to certain parts of splanchnology (liver, kidney).

Taking these peculiarities, along with age restrictions (between 18 and 75), into consideration makes it strongly rational for all patients to consult their therapist regarding dose adjustments or the necessity of the use of Tramadol.

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